OneUp Components Announces New Chainrings, Thru-Axles, & Large-Diameter Dropper Post

PRESS RELEASE: OneUp Components



Lighter, stronger and better looking than your stock rear axle. Available in 6 colours. From $39 USD

If you’re like us, you already carry a multi-tool on every ride, so there’s no need to have an integrated handle on your axle. Our low-profile head looks cleaner, has nothing to snag on the trail and saves weight.

Instead of the hollow design of most axles we’ve gone for solid 7075-T6 aluminium for maximum strength and reliability. Available for all major 12mm axle standards except Syntace X-12. The modular design makes it easy for local bike shops to have an axle on hand in a range of colours for almost every rider.

Complete the set with Axle F, the OneUp 15mm front axle.


Even lower stack height posts now available in 34.9mm Dia. x 120mm,150mm,180mm and 210mm drop, with up to 20mm of travel adjustment. From $199 USD.

This is a 210mm drop post, fully slammed in a 2020 Norco Sight

With the lowest stack height and the shortest total length of any dropper post of the same travel, the OneUp V2 post is the longest drop post that will fit you and your bike.

Most riders get at least 20mm extra travel when they upgrade to a OneUp post.
Use our DROPPER POST LENGTH SELECTOR TOOL to find out how much drop you can get.


Available in round and oval. From $63 USD.

Switch is a 2 piece direct mount chainring system that lets you replace your worn out chainring in less than a minute, without removing your cranks. Replacement rings are much cheaper as you only need to replace the teeth not the entire chainring. It's also really quick and easy to change your ring size or try a different ring shape.

We love oval rings for the riding that we do here in Squamish. If you’re interested in trying one out,
use the discount code TEST-RIDE-OVAL to get an oval Switch ring for only $20 USD
when you buy any round Switch ring and carrier at Valid until the 30th of April 2020.

Switch rings are also available for SRAM and Race Face direct mount cranks.

New Axles, Rings and Droppers are all in stock and available now.