OneUp Announces New Threadless Carrier & V2 EDC Tool


EDC THREADLESS CARRIER ($40 USD, €40.50, £36.50, $52 CAD)

The EDC Threadless Carrier is a new way to hold your V2 EDC Tool. It’s easy to install and lets you carry the full 20 function V2 EDC Tool without threading your steerer. The Carrier replaces your top cap and star nut, securing your headset and stem from the bottom with a 4mm bolt.
And yes, it holds a chain breaker!

Available in 8 colours (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Gold & Oil Slick)

Threading your steerer tube and using the original EDC Top Cap is still the lightest and most cost effective way to run the full EDC Tool. Threading your steerer tube is easy to do with the EDC Tap, it does not void your fork warranty and it's the only way to run the V2 EDC Tool on some Fox 38 forks (Factory and Performance Elite with oval steerers). But, if you don't want to cut threads into your steerer tube and want tools on every ride, Threadless is for you.

V2 EDC TOOL ($59.50 USD, €59, £54, $78 CAD)

The new V2 EDC Tool has an improved chain breaker and spoke keys, it also includes a small secondary storage capsule for tubeless plugs and jabber. We made it easier to remove with a lower friction design. The V2 EDC Tool is compatible with all V1 storage options.

The V2 EDC Tool gives you quick and easy access to all your trailside essentials. It can be stored inside your steerer tube or the EDC Pump. And because it's attached to your bike, you'll never forget your tools again.

20 Functions - Includes a multi tool, tire lever, chain breaker, spoke keys, valve core tool and two sealed storage capsules which can hold a tubeless plug kit and jabber to fix punctures fast.

Easier to use chain breaker with a steel body for increased durability

Stronger steel spoke keys

The V2 EDC Tool now includes two sealed storage capsules, one small and one large. The new small capsule can be used to cover your jabber and preloaded bacon strips, keeping them sticky for longer. It also allows you to use the EDC Tool and tubeless plug kit inside the small 70cc OneUp pump.

Tubeless plug jabber cover

The V2 EDC tool has a new oval shaped carrier which fits inside the oval internal profile steerer tube of the Fox 38 fork. The plastic fork bung that keeps your steerer tube crud free has been updated to fit the 38. Only install the supplied rubber star washer on Fox 38 forks.

The V2 EDC Tool Fits Fox 38's (threaded EDC Top Cap only)


Compatibility Update** (01-01-2023):

Fox 38 forks are not compatible with the EDC threadless carrier. Fox 38 Performance series are only compatible with EDC lites. Fox 38 Factory/Performance Elites are compatible with The threaded top cap & EDC lites as long as your fork meeting the steerer tube requirements. Please double check the length of your steerer on the specific product pages.

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OneUp Components, Squamish, BC.