Aluminum Pedal Service Instructions

We recommend you service your pedals every 50 hours of riding, or anytime you feel your pedals are no longer spinning smoothly.
To service the pedals you need to re-grease the pedal axle and bearing assembly. This is extremely quick and easy, and should take you around 5 minutes.


Full details below.
Tools required
  • Waterproof grease, toothbrush, and cloth
  • 8mm hex
  • 2.5mm hex (for full bearing replacement)
  • Crescent wrench or vice
  • Pliers
    STEP 1: Pull off pedal washer / seal assembly from end of axle

    STEP 2: Use a cassette lockring tool to remove the bearing lock nut. Engage the tool into the bearing lock nut splines. Use a vice to hold the cassette tool and rotate the pedal to loosen. Alternatively secure the pedal against a wooden surface with your hand and use a crescent wrench to loosen the nut.
    • Drive Side pedal - Turn wrench clockwise to loosen. (DS lock nut has a reverse thread)
    • Non-Drive side pedal - Turn wrench counter clockwise to loosen. (NDS lock nut has a regular thread)

          STEP 3: To remove the axle, use a pair of pliers to grab the end of the axle and pull the axle / bearing assembly out of the pedal body. 
            STEP 4: Wipe off old grease from axle and bearings
              STEP 5: Re grease axle assembly applying new grease over all bearings and axle surface. Excess grease will push through bearings and clean the system upon install. 
                STEP 6: To replace bearings, remove axle tip bearing retaining bolt. Use an 8mm hex to hold the axle and a 2.5mm hex to remove the axle bolt. Drive side pedal axle has left hand thread bolt (black), turn clockwise to loosen. Non-Drive side pedal axle bolt has right hand thread (silver), turn counter clockwise to loosen.
                STEP 7: Small bearings will slide off - replace with new bearings. Reassemble bearings, axle washer and bolt.
                  STEP 8: To replace the large bearing simply slide it off the end of the axle - replace with new bearing. Assemble in reverse order and slide axle and bearing assembly back into pedal body.
                    STEP 9: Secure bearing nut with cassette lock ring tool. Tighten until snug.
                      STEP 10: Clean or replace lip seal on pedal washer and push back onto axle. Lip of seal should face bearing nut. Washer flange should be facing outward towards crank arm