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Aluminum Pedals


Clip less rocks with our ultra thin and super grippy Aluminum Pedals. The large platform, replaceable pins and slightly convex shape make a natural and secure fit under the arch of your foot.

Product Specs

Weight: 386g (Pair)

Platform Size: 115x105mm

# of Pins: 10 hexagonal per side

Axle Material: Chromoly Steel

Platform Material: Aluminum

Height: 8.3mm to 12mm

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red and Orange

Exploded View & Parts List

What's in the Box
  • Pair of pedals (1x left, 1x right)
  • 20x Pre-installed pins
  • 4x Replacement pins
Things you Should Know

During installation on these cranks, please ensure the pedal is rotating freely, there is space between the pedal body and crank, and the pedal is torqued to 35Nm.

All pedals sold through our website and all pedals with a date code after 5221 have been updated to be compatible with SRAM carbon cranks & cranksets with recessed pedal inserts. Pedals with the date code before 5221 may not be compatible.

Pedals can be run with crank boots, after some small modifications to the crankboot.

By design, out of the box our pedals have some resistance to free spinning. This can be adjusted by adding or removing grease upon disassembly. Free spinning will increase over time and wear of the bushing.

By design, uninstalled pedals have axle play (room for movement between the axle and pedal body). Axle movement is eliminated when the pedals are fully installed onto cranks and torque to 35nm.

In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.

Thin & Convex.

The ultra-thin, subtly convex profile gives you more grip by letting the pedals sit in the natural arch of your foot and drastically reduces pedal strikes.

Large Platform.

The huge 115x105mm platform has 10 hexagonal pins per side to keep you planted on the roughest of trails and deliver more power on climbs.


With a weight of only 386g, OneUp Aluminum Pedals won't slow you down on climbs. Their durable design won’t let you down, either.


Outdoor Gear Mag

2021 Editor's Choice Award

FREEHUB Magazine

Inspires on-trail confidence.


Arrived feeling decidedly premium.

Loam Wolf

Superb grip with a super-thin Platform.


What is the Oneup Components Aluminum Pedal?

The Oneup Components Aluminum Pedal is a lightweight and durable platform pedal designed for mountain biking. It features a slim profile and a concave platform that provides superior grip and control.

What materials are used to make the Oneup Components Aluminum Pedal?

The pedal is made from aluminum and features a steel axle and stainless steel pins.

How much does the Oneup Components Aluminum Pedal weigh?

The pedal weighs in at only 386 grams (pair), making it one of the lightest pedals on the market.

Are these pedals compatible with SRAM & Truvativ carbon cranks?

Yes, but installation of OneUp Alloy pedals on SRAM carbon cranks does require extra care. During installation, Make sure when you tighten the pedals onto the crank that the pedal body or rubber washer do not contact the crank before the axle is torqued to 35Nm. The pedal should rotate without excessive drag and there should be a small gap between the pedal body and the crank. If the pedal contacts the crank before the axle is tight, try installing 1 extra pedal washer to space the pedal away from the crank. Do not add more than 1 extra pedal washer. If your pedals are rubbing on the crank or are not free spinning once torqued down then we do not recommend using these pedals with your carbon cranks. If you have any questions or trouble with this installation, please email us at

Can you reduce the height of the pedal pins?

These pedals are designed to have quite aggressive pins for maximum grip. Our pedal pin & washer kit comes with 0.5mm washers, to reduce them slightly.

My new pedals are squeaking, whats going on?

This noise can occur if greasing the rubber seal was missed during installation. If so, it is super quick to resolve. The steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the pedal from the crank.
  2. Remove the flange washer (3) and rubber seal (7) from the pedal axle (8).
  3. Separate the flange washer and rubber seal.
  4. Clean both and add a small amount of grease to the inside of the rubber seal, both where it contacts the flange washer & the pedal lock ring (4).
  5. Reinstall them onto the pedal axle in the same orientation.
  6. Install the pedal to the crank and give it a go!

Also if a visual aid will help, here is the link to the Alloy Pedal exploded view.

If your pedals continue to squeak, please email

Are these pedals compatible with crankboots?

These pedals are compatible with crank boots with some modification to the boots. You can, if you want to run crankboots, trim the hole to clear the outer diameter of the pedal body. Be sure that the pedal rotates freely and does not contact the crankboot before riding.

How regularly should I service these pedals?

It is recommended to service your pedals a minimum of once a year. If you ride more than 3 days a week then more regular servicing is ideal.


Aluminum Pedal Service Instructions
Aluminum Pedal Service Instructions


Aluminum Pedal Exploded View & Parts List
Aluminum Pedal Exploded View & Parts List


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