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100cc EDC Pump Kit


The 100cc EDC Pump Kit is the most powerful member of the EDC family. If you want to have the most tools possible on every ride, this is the kit for you. Plus, it’s easy to switch between any bike equipped with a Pump Holder.

The 100cc EDC Pump Kit includes the 100cc EDC Pump (with Pump Bottle Cage Mount), EDC V2 Tool and a Plug & Plier kit.

100cc Pump.

The 100cc EDC Pump is a high-volume pump designed to carry our EDC Tool System and Pliers & Plug Kit. Its hollow design and CNC aluminum construction make it ultralight and durable.

V2 Tool System.

The 20-function EDC Tool is the heart of the EDC Pump system. Choose between the Plug & Plier Kit or CO2 cartridge to add to the bottom of your EDC Tool. Then, fit it all snugly inside your pump and ride.

Plug & Plier Kit.

The EDC Plug & Pliers kit is the perfect addition to the EDC Pump system. The full kit of pliers, a tire jabber, and additional plugs will only fit inside the 100cc pump. Be ready for anything with your EDC Pump.


I got the multi tool and pump, why does the tool rattle in the pump?

The multi tool is just one part of a whole. It is designed to be held captive within the EDC tool system. That complete tool can then be inserted into the pump and everything will be held nice, quiet and compact. Here is a link to the complete EDC tool system.

Do you sell replacement pump straps?

Yes! We have three packs of pump mount straps available in the EDC small parts section of the website.

Why is the tool hard to remove form my pump?

It is likely that the top O-ring is dry. Best thing to do is rub a small amount of grease onto the o-ring and re-install it. If that does not help, please email us at

What is the max the pump mount can be spaced from the bolt? WIll this fit my Wide down tube?

The pump mount has a max extension of 30mm from the center of the mounting bolts.

My pump handle is extending while riding, what can I do?

First make sure the handle seal is fully seated onto the handle. Then make sure you are running the pump with the pointed handle up. If it continue to extend, please email us at and we can help!

Where is and how do I remove the CO2 inflator head from the pump?

The inflator head of the pump (the anodized green part) doubles as an inflator head, simply unthread it from the pump and you can thread your CO2 right onto it. It can be quite snug from assembly, the first removal may require you use an 8mm hex key to unthread it.

Is this pump compatible with both Presta and Shraeder valves?

This pump is only compatible with Presta valves.

What is the max PSI for these pumps?

This pump is designed for MTB and gravel applications. It will happily get to 50-60PSI. Any pressure beyond that is not practical and we do not recommended this pump for high pressure road applications.

The pump doesn't seem to fit my valve, whats going on?

The pump head fits quite snugly on the valves when new. Be sure you give it a firm & straight push down onto the valve before inflating.



Worldwide Cyclery

Not only will you have your pump, you will have all of your tools.


A nicely integrated unit that’s easy to swap between bikes.

Berm Style

Extremely useful as well as durable..

IMB Magazine

All the tools you need in one handy spot.

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