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EDC Threadless Carrier Kit

This is the easiest way to carry the 20-function EDC V2 Tool in your stem. Just remove your star nut, drop the Threadless Carrier into your steerer tube and secure from below.

The Threadless Kit includes an EDC Threadless Carrier, EDC V2 Tool and a Plug Kit.

Check to see if your fork is compatible with our EDC Fork Compatibility Tool.

Select the colour of EDC Threadless Carrier you want to add to your kit from the dropdown below, then click "Add to Cart". If a colour is missing from the dropdown menu, it is out-of-stock.

OneUp Components EDC Threadless Carrier Cutaway

Threadless Carrier.

It takes less than 10 minutes to turn your steerer tube into a portable workshop. Just remove the start nut, drop in the EDC Threadless Carrier. Then, you will be able to store a EDC V2 Tool and the EDC Tire Plug Kit in your stem.

EDC V2 Tool.

The 20-function EDC V2 Tool is the heart of the Threaded EDC system. It includes a 10 function Multi-Tool, Tire Lever, Chain Breaker, steel spoke keys, quick link storage, and a small and large storage capsule designed to a jabber, tire plugs, and quick link pliers.

Plug Kit.

The EDC Plug kit is the perfect addition to the EDC tool system. The kit includes a tire jabber and additional plugs. The EDC Threadless Carrier and 70cc Pump will only fit the jabber and tireplugs - no pliers.


Will the threadless carrier fit my Fox 38 fork?

The Threadless carrier is only comptible with Fox 38 Performance Elite & Factory series forks that have a steerer tube longer than 245mm.

I went to install my threadless carrier, and it stops before fully inserting into my steerer tube?

If the threadless carrier will not fully insert into your fork, then it is likely that the length of your steerer tube is less than the minimum requirement. Please double check your steerer length and compare it to our compatibility list before proceeding.

What size are the pins on the Oneup Components Aluminum Pedal?

The pins measure 5mm in diameter.

My tool does not fully insert into the threadless carrier?

There are three possibilities for this:

1. Make sure the middle O-ring has been removed from the EDC tool system.

2. Is the mutli tool oriented correctly within the EDC tool body? If it is backward and not meshing will the tire lever, the tool will bulge and will not fit into any holder.

3. Check the steerer tube length, if you there was any force required during installation of the carrier then it is likely under pressure and flexing. This means your fork steerer length is too short, or it is an incompatible fork.

Will the threadless carrier fit in a fork with a straight steerer?

It is possible with some pre-requisite checks.

1. Steerer ID meets the compatibility requirements for the Threadless carrier (Min ID: 24.25mm)

2. Steerer does not neck internally at any point. You can check this by running a straight edge down & against the internal wall of your steerer. If it deflects then it necks and is not compatible.

3. Steerer is within our compatible length range. 185mm-265mm

4. Your current Top cap will need to replace the 1-1/2 plug supplied with our Threadless carriers. So check that the top cap fits flush without rocking, in the underside of the fork steerer.

If you can confirm all of these requirements are good then you should have no issue installing our threadless carrier in your straight steerer fork.

Will the EDC Threadless carrier work in carbon steerers?

Unfortunately, none of our EDC options are compatible with forks with carbon steerer tubes.

Can you fit the plier and plier kit in the threadless carrier?

The plug and bacon strips with fit within the small storage capsule and then fit into the threadless carrier. The Pliers, the large storage capsule or a c02 cartridge do not fit in the threadless carrier.

How do I use the chainbreaker?

The chainbreaker is mounted to the tire lever. Using the T25 in the multi tool, loosen the chainbreaker and rotate it perpendicular to the tire lever. Using the 3mm in the multi tool, back the pin off, then you can position the tool around the chainlink and thread to pin back in until you have broken the chain!




It's easy to know this tool system is going to be a hit.


OneUp have raised the bar for every day carry solutions.

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EDC Threadless Carrier Install & Compatibility
EDC Threadless Carrier Install & Compatibility


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